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Fusion Splicers & Tools

These products are indispensable for building optical networks. With the use of electrical discharge, fusion splicers connect optical fibres that are made of glass, quickly and easily. As the first fusion splicer in the world to incorporate AI technology, it can constantly achieve high-quality splicing regardless of the environment or users’ skills.


Optical Ribbon Fibre Cables

Sumitomo Electric Industries’ wide portfolio of optical fibre ribbon cables answers network demands to scale up fibre density with an innovative and world-leading technology up to 6,912 fibre-count cables.
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EV Connectors

Sumitomo Electric offers a wide range of charging connectors for the CHAdeMO chargers that are being deployed around the world.
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Celmet™ Metal Foam

Celmet™ consists of a porous metal frame with a three-dimensional, sponge-like structure. Materials available include Ni (nickel) and also alloys of Ni-Cr, Ni-Sn, with Al and Cu under development.
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Sumitomo Electric has developed a hollow fibre membrane module for wastewater treatment based on its proprietary technology to create porous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
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We will be exhibiting at a variety of trade shows in 2023 to showcase our products and services. To find out how we can provide solutions to your specific requirement(s), please come and visit us.

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