Data Centres

World Leader and Pioneer in Fibre Optics Technologies

Being a world leader and pioneer in fibre optics technologies equips us with the required expertise, know-how and experience that enable us to deliver cutting-edge technologies to users in the data centre sector.

Our data centre solutions offer a wide variety of connectivity products to fit your diverse needs.


Solutions to Data Centre Requirements

Optical Ribbon Fibre Cables

  • As increasing lengths of optical fibre cables are installed due to growing demand for optical networks, small-diameter optical fibre cables – that offer improved housing efficiency at installation locations – are playing an active role.
  • Sumitomo Electric supports optical communication networks with a variety of products, including ultra-high fibre count optical cables adapted to the demand for high-density wiring.

Fibre Management & Closures

  • Optical closures that connect and branch cables in any required area.
  • Splicing cabinets that provide controlled access to splices and ample slack storage.
  • High-density fibre patch panels that are designed with the flexibility to house high-density cassettes or LGX cassettes, along with our pre-terminated line-ups to fit your needs.

Optical Fibre Fusion Splicers and Tools

  • Optical fibre fusion splicers and tools are indispensable for building optical networks.
  • With the use of electrical discharge, fusion splicers connect optical fibers that are made of glass, quickly and easily.
  • As the first fusion splicer in the world to incorporate AI technology, it can constantly achieve high-quality splicing, regardless of the environment or user skills.

Optical Fibres

  • Thin glass optical fibre is a high-performance transmission medium.
  • It can carry optical signals within it and propagate them over dozens of kilometres.
  • Optical fibre is free from electromagnetic induction noise and so features stable, high-speed communication over long distances.

Optical Transmission Components

  • Optical transmission components are essential components for optical communication in transmitting information, such as videos and audio data, by means of light.
  • High-speed, low-power-consumption and compact optical transmission/reception devices and optical transceivers that integrate these devices are used to connect households, stations, data centers and cities to achieve long-haul large-capacity data communication.